Trinity Evangelical Covenant Church


Confirmation Class begins September 17, 2017

Confirmation has long been an important ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The confirmation course of study covers a sequential study of the Bible, church history and Christian doctrine, and typically is taken during your child’s seventh and eighth grade year. Children who may have missed the first year of study and/or who did not complete the coursework before the end of eighth grade are also invited to attend. All new students will join our returning eighth grade students as we continue to study the Holy Scriptures.

It is our hope and prayer that through confirmation, middle and high school age students will develop a first-hand faith in Jesus Christ, not because their parents do, but because Jesus has become real to them. Enclosed is an excerpt from the Covenant Book of Worship which describes in greater detail the purpose and opportunity behind Confirmation in the Covenant Church.

Confirmation class will be led by the Pastor and will meet every Sunday morning, following church at 11:15 a.m. Confirmands are expected to attend both class and worship regularly. Our first class will begin on Sunday, September 17, 2017, where we will spend time getting to know each other and reviewing the curriculum for the coming year. We pray that confirmation will be an enjoyable time for our students, while they simultaneously complete their daily reading, memorization work and other assignments.

If you are interested in making a commitment to confirmation, please complete and return to Trinity’s office a registration form. You may also register your student online.  Materials will be provided to your student on the first day of class. There is no fee for this class.

We hope that you and your student will give serious consideration to making a commitment to confirmation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (708) 422-5111.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark

From the Covenant Book of Worship:
Confirmation in the Covenant Church is designed to be systematic exploration of God’s word, the history of our faith, and the importance of living a Christian life. Within the curriculum there is opportunity not only for education in biblical truth, but also for students to come face to face with the call of Jesus to enter into a personal relationship with him and grow in their faith. A major focus during the middle school/adolescent years is learning to think for oneself and developing one’s own identity. The opportunity to engage in a systematic exploration of God and his word during this time of transition from childhood to adolescence is significant.

At whatever point students are in their faith journey, this balance of learning and relationship is critical to the impact of the confirmation process on their lives. Not only do they learn what the Bible says; through discipleship they learn to articulate what they believe about the Bible’s message, and how biblical faith translates into Christian living and responsibility in the world.

Students who have not yet been baptized may receive baptism on a Sunday prior to Confirmation Sunday (or it can be done at this service). For those who were baptized as infants, confirmation underscores the purpose of the sacrament and the promises that were made on the child’s behalf at that time. The young person now has the opportunity to affirm personally what was promised on his or her behalf at the time of baptism. Thus baptism and confirmation form two great arches of anticipation and fulfillment in the bridge of Christian experience. Where children are presented to the Lord without the sacrament of baptism, the prayers of believing parents are similarly given occasion for fulfillment in confirmation.

When students come to the day of confirmation without an evident profession of personal commitment, their faith is confirmed as far as it has grown. Confirmation, as an act of the church, affirms these students as belonging within the circle of the church’s care and responsibility.